NHPGA Membership

Take advantage of the exciting opportunities NHPGA has in store for its General Membership! Join today!

We invite you to renew your membership with NHPGA and continue to be an active participant. We also encourage those of you who are not current members to join our organization. The NHPGA continues to carry out our mission by serving growers, retailers, garden centers, nurserymen, florists, allied tradesmen, industry representatives, educators, and gardening enthusiasts in New Hampshire and beyond.

In promoting our mission, the NHPGA is excited to announce a Plant Something NH campaign funded by the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant program. The Plant Something NH campaign is a way to tie the marketing efforts of your business to a state wide campaign promoting NH grown plants. Plant Something is a grassroots, nationally established campaign designed to increase the public’s support of local growers, nurseries, garden centers and landscapers through awareness of the benefits of planting specialty crops for the landscape and garden. Information will be regularly provided to membership during this fall and winter as we roll out the program to the public in spring of 2017.

Our partnership with the New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation (NHFB) is going extremely well as they are now doing the majority of the administrative duties for NHPGA. We encourage members of our organization to become members of NHFB if you have not already done so. They serve an extremely important role in our state as advocates for those in the agricultural sector. The fee that NHPGA pays for administration by NHFB is based on the percentage of NHPGA members who are also NHFB members. The partnership is designed to benefit both organizations and their individual members.

Some additional benefits provided through your membership and involvement in NHPGA includes:

  • Networking with other growers, retailers, and suppliers at meetings and during tours of nurseries, greenhouses, and garden centers.
  • Providing a proactive network for pertinent legislative issues affecting the ornamental horticulture industry here in New Hampshire and beyond through work with the NHFB and other organizations.
  • Educational opportunities for you and your employees through joint meetings in partnership with New Hampshire Landscape association, UNH Cooperative Extension, and other local trade organizations. Many meetings also offer opportunities to earn credits necessary to maintain pesticide licenses.
  • Supporting continued research in the green industry through grants provided by NHPGA’s New Hampshire Horticultural Endowment.
  • Ensuring the continued success of the green industry through support of groups such as FFA and by providing scholarships to post secondary school students studying horticulture.
  • Communication through e-mail messages, our website, nhpga.org and Facebook.


Please send your check payable to NHPGA to:          NHPGA
c/o NH Farm Bureau
                                                                        295 Sheep Davis Rd.
                                                                        Concord, NH 03301

Contributions to the NH Horticulture Endowment are appreciated and may be included in your check.


Membership Benefits

Members of NHPGA receive a packet containing: a membership certificate, membership directory, a NHPGA sticker, along with the following:

Event and Meeting Invites includes lectures, annual winter meeting, twilight summer meetings, opportunity to become a board member and visit horticultural operations around the state.

Network with New Hampshire Growers, Retailers and Suppliers. Keep up with what's new in New Hampshire horticulture. Take part in educational programs and earn credits to maintain pesticide licensing. Work with our network of experts at the NH Department of Agriculture, UNH, and the UNH Cooperative Extension. Exchange and access information to help you manage your business.

Support research in the green industry through our NH Horticultural Endowment. The Granite State Association of FFA and the NH Farm Bureau's NH Agriculture in the Classroom program. Help provide annual scholarships to secondary school students studying horticulture.

Governmental Be proactive with legislative issues affecting our industry. NHPGA was instrumental in getting legislation passed in 1999 that provides tax-exempt status for poly-clad greenhouses meeting certain requirements.


Membership Categories

NHPGA offers a number of membership categories. Please select the category which most closely represents your business activities.

Consider extending NHPGA memberships to full-time employees, as an added company benefit. It will provide access to educational advantages and industry-wide benefits.
Levels: $75 [1-4 Employees] $100 [5-10 Employees] $125 [11-20 Employees] $150 [21+ Employees]

Greenhouse Suppliers, IT Service Provider, Financial Investor, HR / Recruiter, Insurance Agent, Real Estate Broker. $75

INDIVIDUAL Please indicate which company or university you are affiliated with on the membership form.
$50: Seniors - 60+ years of age
$25: Associated State Agriculture Assoc. Member
$15: Employee of Member Company
$15: Student/Educator

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