Learn About the Industry

What is Horticulture? Horticulture is an intensive subset of agriculture that includes the science, business and art of growing and marketing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants.

Economic Overview:

Ornamental Horticulture: One of the fastest growing segments of New Hampshire agriculture. Ornamental horticulture includes greenhouse and nursery production, flowers, turf, landscape materials and services. Annually, this sector produces $381 million in New Hampshire alone.

In New Hampshire there are 450,000 acres of agricultural land operated by 3,400 companies. The greenhouse/nursery industry is currently the top agricultural commodity in the state.

Sample Job Titles:

Retail Manager
Landscape Contractor or Designer
Greenhouse or Nursery Grower
Farm Manager
Fruit, Vegetable, Flower or Tree Grower
Flower or Nursery Stock Buyer

Who Hires Horticulture Professionals?

Agriculture chemical companies
Agriculture equipment companies
Arboreta, botanical gardens, parks
City, county, and state agencies
Cooperative Extension
Environmental consulting firms
Fertilizer companies
Flower growers and wholesalers
Garden centers
Garden magazines
Golf Courses
Retail flower shops
Seed companies
Sod farms
Theme parks
Tissue culture firms
Turf management firms
Universities and Colleges